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Hassle Free
Working with us means we take care of everything so you, the decision maker, could concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

Our team consists of highly capable email marketing and media experts that provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient service.

All Solutions Under One Roof
We can provide any service required when it comes to Online Marketing. All of our solutions are scalable, cost effective and affordable.

Top-end technology powers our Email and SMS marketing systems with the best features available today on the

Proven Increase of Sales Volume
Automatic Emails/SMS drive potential customers to purchase, enhance sales by  returning customers and decrease abandonment rate.

Dedicated Account Manager
Our account managers are highly experienced in running customer campaigns and maintaining constant workflow.



If you wish to deliver professional-looking, HTML newsletters to your subscribers without the hassle of list management, newsletter design and endless tries to avoid the spam folder, our managed email newsletter service could be just what you are looking for.


With our fully managed delivery service, your newsletters will be optimally designed, tested and delivered successfully to inbox by us, whenever you desire to share news, updates or offers with your clients. When working with us you can expect much higher deliverability then you can achieve on your own as we test your newsletters, monitor the delivery and make sure your emails reach inbox.


Our solution is flexible and can be customized to fit your needs. We will design your messages and schedule them so you can automatically contact your subscribers on certain occasions (e.g. holidays, birthdays, registration or any other event). The recipient can be delivered with one or more follow-up emails, delivered at separate intervals over a period of time. Once a delivery is complete you'll receive a complete report



The most advanced mailing systems in the market are now at your reach. Each system contains fresh clean rotating IPs and tracking domains. You can either manage the system yourself or have your account manager handle the action.

Each basic system is loaded up to 32-64 IPs and with 3 redirecting domains. Additional IPs and domains can be ordered.




Deliver your text-messages online in a safe, simple way and keep track of results. Optimize your campaigns and start cutting costs! Take advantage today of our affordable solution to enjoy high deliverability rates, accurate delivery reports and user-friendly API. Reliable coverage of more than 700 networks in over 200 countries.



Online Marketing is our only business!

Geotraffic is an experienced online ad agency, founded in the year 2008, that specializes in all different aspects of Online Marketing.

Our uniqueness lies within a courteous, professional and experienced service, which we provide to the full satisfaction of our clients, as well as affordable prices. Dozens of businesses worldwide are listed amongst our clients, which enjoy the highest level of marketing services and long term collaboration. We collaborate with different factors, commercial and non commercial, in order to bring our clients under, the best services one roof.




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